Introducing The Carpentries Director of Fundraising, Amanda Steele

The Carpentries welcomes Amanda Steele, Director of Fundraising

We are so excited to share news that our Core Team is growing! This week we welcomed Amanda Steele - The Carpentries new Director of Fundraising. In her new role, Amanda will set annual revenue and fundraising goals by identifying, cultivating, building and solidifying relationships with new and established donors and coordinating fundraising campaigns. She will engage with current and potential member organisations, and administer The Carpentries’ Sponsorship Program. We are delighted to welcome Amanda to the team and community.

Read on to learn more about Amanda’s experience and why she is looking forward to working with us.

I couldn’t be more excited to be starting the newly created position as Director of Fundraising for The Carpentries. I have the tremendous task of storytelling the mission of The Carpentries, and I couldn’t feel more thankful to do so.

I’ve been a development, fundraising, marketing, and communications professional for over a decade, working in both national and local non-profit organisations of various sizes. Before my time in the non-profit sector, I worked in commercial and residential real estate education and taught a vibrant fifth grade classroom.

Before joining The Carpentries team, I was Vice President of Development and Marketing for an organisation serving blind and visually impaired children from birth through age six. Access and inclusivity have always been at the forefront of what motivates me daily.

I have a background not only in development and fundraising but in advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. Stumbling upon the tremendous work of The Carpentries was kismet, and I look forward to stepping outside the traditional non-profit sector to lead the fundraising in support of the collective work of our community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or cheers at

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