Apply for the current round of Carpentries Maintainer Onboarding!

The Carpentries is preparing to onboard the next round of Maintainers. Applications due 16 July, 2021

The Carpentries is preparing to onboard the next round of Maintainers. Currently we have 161 Maintainers serving across 54 core lessons. To keep the community healthy, we need to plan for people wanting to step down from their current positions and finding new people to step into the role.

Most of our official core lessons are currently in maintenance mode - meaning that the content is relatively stable. However, we are planning to move to a new lesson template and a new infrastructure stack for building the lessons. Over the next year, there will be a bit more work making sure all existing issues and PRs are dealt with as the lesson transition over to the new template and infrastructure stack.

You do not need to be a Git expert to be a Maintainer. If you are familiar with the current Carpentries Git materials, you will have the foundation and support to learn the skills you will need as a Maintainer. The Maintainer community has a dedicated Slack channel, TopicBox list, and two monthly meetings to help support you and the lesson you are working on.

We are recruiting Maintainers for all of our official lessons, including both English and Spanish language materials. Although Maintainer Onboarding will be held in English, we strongly encourage applications from folks who are interested in maintaining one of the four official Carpentries lessons currently offered in Spanish.

If you are interested in helping maintain, improve, and grow our lessons, please apply to be a lesson Maintainer. You will be asked to choose which technologies (e.g., R, Python) and topics or domain areas (e.g., geospatial, ecology, library sciences) you would be comfortable maintaining a lesson in.

Applications may be submitted until midnight 16 July, 2021 anywhere on Earth.

If you have any questions about the application or about being a Maintainer, please reach out to The Carpentries team.

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