Attend an Onboarding Session to Become a Carpentries Discussion Host

New information about upcoming Discussion Host onboarding sessions for anyone interested in facilitating community calls and themed discussions in The Carpentries.

Community Discussion sessions have metamorphosed over the years within The Carpentries community. In addition to the traditional format which prioritises discussion to prepare newly-trained instructors for the three-step checkout process after Instructor Training, The Carpentries holds topical community calls, known as Themed Discussions, aimed at skill-sharing, ideas exchange and sharing of updates around specific subjects and about ongoing community activities in The Carpentries.

Invitation to Become a Discussion Host in The Carpentries

Community discussions are specifically designed for pre- and post-workshop discussion, and serve as a recurring space for instructors and helpers to ask questions and exchange ideas around the teaching Carpentries workshops, and to debrief after teaching. They also serve as places for networking and for peer mentorship between experienced and new instructors.

Each community call and themed discussion in The Carpentries is an hour long, and is facilitated by a designated community member known as a Discussion Host.

Hosting community discussions is a great way to meet more people in The Carpentries community, to get to know The Carpentries as an organisation better, to learn from the experiences of others and to share your own knowledge and experience with an even greater number of people.

All community members interested in serving as discussion hosts are invited to attend either one of our two scheduled onboarding sessions on

Please sign up to attend one of the onboarding sessions in our Community Discussions Etherpad.

Detailed information about discussion sessions in The Carpentries can be found in our Handbook. We encourage existing discussion hosts to reach out to the Instructor Development Committee with any questions you may have about your role, or read the Discussion Hosts FAQ in our Handbook.

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