Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Introduction to Open Data Science with R

Highlighting this lesson from The Carpentries Incubator, teaching Open data science skills with R and RStudio.

The Incubator Lesson Spotlight highlights a lesson under development by our community in The Carpentries Incubator. In this edition, we look at the progress being made on the Introduction to Open Data Science with R lesson, and hear from the authors about how The Carpentries community can get involved with the ongoing development of this lesson.

Lesson Profile

Title: Introduction to Open Data Science with R Lesson Pages: Lesson Repository:

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, learners should.. Know best practices in data analysis with R: tidy format, transformation, filtering, etc. Know how to increase scientific reproducibility and openness by coupling R with version control (git). Be able to create literate programming reports using R Markdown.

Target Audience

The lesson is aimed at absolute and false beginners in R programming, and particularly early career researchers.

Lesson Progress

Development of the lesson is about halfway as six hours of the workshop have reached a mature stage. The last four episodes need to be completed or reviewed. The lesson has already been taught multiple times either for students or for early career researchers. The lesson is in pre-alpha state as some episodes are incomplete.

How You Can Help Develop This Lesson

Contributions to help develop some episodes of the lesson further would be helpful, especially regarding functions or more advanced data analysis methods (e.g. nesting). The lesson authors (Marc Galland, Stijn Van Hoey, Tijs Bliek) would prefer potential contributors to contact them via The Carpentries Slack workspace where possible. If you are not already a member, you can use this link to join the Slack workspace.

About This Series

Incubator Lesson Spotlight is a regular feature in The Carpentries blog and Carpentries Clippings newsletter, highlighting the great work our community is doing to develop new lessons in The Carpentries Incubator. Developers of any lesson in the Incubator are encouraged to submit details about their material for inclusion in the series. If you would like to increase the visibility of your lesson and encourage Carpentries community members to contribute to its ongoing development, fill in this short form.

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