Wrapping up The Carpentries FIRST Fundraising Campaign

We raised $15,445. Thank You!

We tried something new in the last quarter of 2020. The Carpentries engaged our community and supporters in the first fundraising campaign for individual and organisational donations. First and foremost, we thank you for donating to The Carpentries. Your monetary contributions will directly support our efforts to offer greater diversity in the spoken languages we teach and interact in, recognize and appreciate the different cultural norms that exist around data, programming, teaching, and volunteering in different regions to improve our programs and services, collaborate with existing organisations to reach broader communities, and authentically engage broader communities, working with, not for them.

Our goal was to raise $130,000 (USD) - $30,000 from individual contributions, and $100,000 from organisations. We raised $15,445 - $5,445 from individual contributions, and $10,000 from organisations. Some would see that as a failure, but as you know, we are Always Learning. Piloting a fundraising campaign has helped us learn how to approach our community with this sort of request. It has helped us develop a strategy to engage donors throughout the year. It has shown us how to set realistic goals. Ultimately, it has shown us something we already know: we are fully supported by an inclusive, global community!

We have said it before, but it bears repeating; The Carpentries would be nothing without the community that surrounds us, and we are extremely grateful and heartened to see our community support us, especially in a challenging year. Thank you again.

We are working on preparing the campaign rewards for those of you who donated at the $60 and $100 rewards. You should expect to receive an email with redemption information soon. Until then, we invite you to join the Carpentries Philanthropy list, and if you would like to donate at any time, please visit https://carpentries.org/donate/.

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