Calling Local Midwest US Instructors!

We are starting a monthly community call for Instructors in the midwest US.

The Carpentries community is growing throughout the Midwestern region in the United States! To support each other, we are starting a monthly community call for individuals based in the region to get to know each other, share experiences, and support each other with community building and workshop delivery. We’re looking for Carpentries Instructors across the US Midwest who are interested in growing their local Carpentries community and meeting other Instructors.

We hope that this monthly call will allow us to brainstorm and support each other with initiatives throughout the region. There are quite a few established and nascent communities in the Midwest, and as the Carpentries community in this region grows, we believe that there’s the opportunity for more collaboration, learning, and community-building among instructors and institutions in the area.

The first monthly US Midwest community call will be July 27th at 16 UTC (11am Central) and continue on the last Monday of the month at 16h00 UTC/11h00 Central(see what time this will be for you) . If you are interested in joining, add your name to this etherpad. At this first meeting we will focus on introductions and questions/needs that new and existing communities have.

You can also get involved by joining our email list or the new #local-us-midwest Slack channel.

Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Sarah and Angela

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