Welcome to our Newest Lesson Maintainers!

Twenty-three new Lesson Maintainers badged

We are delighted to announce that our most recent cohort of Lesson Maintainers have completed their onboarding and received their badges! We had over 30 individuals participate in Maintainer Onboarding over the past month, including 8 existing Maintainers. We are excited to welcome these new members to the Maintainer community and look forward to working with them, and continuing to work with our many committed continuing Maintainers, over the coming months. We’d first like to thank several continuing Maintainers who participated in the onboarding. The insights and experience these folks were able to bring to the discussions were invaluable. Thank you Maxim Belkin, Sarah Stevens, Kat Koziar, Clarke Iakovakis, and Shari Laster!

Our new Maintainers are:

For Library Carpentry

  • Christopher Felker and Chuck McAndrew (Introduction to Git)
  • Jacqueline Frisina and Jesse Lambertson (SQL)

For Data Carpentry - Ecology

  • Fabrice Rwasimitana (Ecology Workshop Overview)
  • Phillip Doehle and Rachel Lombardi (Data Cleaning with OpenRefine for Ecologists)
  • Katy Felkner and Christina Koch (Data Management with SQL for Ecologists) - Christina also maintains The Carpentries Instructor Training curriculum

For Data Carpentry - Genomics

  • Alana Schick and Sangram Keshari Sahu (Genomics Workshop Overview)
  • Preethy Nair and Sally Chang (Introduction to the Command Line for Genomics)
  • Muhammad Zohaib Anwar and Wendy Wong (Introduction to Cloud Computing for Genomics)
  • Yuka Takemon and Alexia Cardona (Data Analysis and Visualization in R)

For Data Carpentry - Geospatial

  • Rohit Goswami (Introduction to Geospatial Concepts) - Rohit also maintains the Programming with R lesson for Software Carpentry
  • Luca Di Stasio (Introduction to R for Geospatial Data)
  • Drake Asberry and Ivo Arrey (Introduction to Geospatial Raster and Vector Data with R)

For Data Carpentry - Social Sciences

  • Isaac Williams and Sarah Brown (Data Cleaning with OpenRefine for Social Scientists) - Sarah also maintains The Carpentries Instructor Training curriculum
  • Allison Theobold and Kelsey Gonzalez (Data Analysis and Visualization with R for Social Scientists)
  • Trevor Burrows (Data Organization in Spreadsheets for Social Scientists)

Thank you to all existing Maintainers who provided insightful feedback over the past six months on how the onboarding process could be updated.

If you are interested in becoming a Lesson Maintainer but were not able to participate in this round of onboarding, please get in touch with Erin Becker at ebecker@carpentries.org and we will notify you when our next round of applications opens. We expect to run our next round of Maintainer Onboarding in mid-2021.

Erin and the rest of The Carpentries Core Team would like to extend a whole-hearted and exuberant THANK YOU to Angela Li for leading this effort. Throughout her service as Maintainer Community Lead, Angela has taken great strides towards updating and formalising the Maintainer onboarding process, and helped to grow a sense of community within the Maintainer team. Angela has pursued this effort largely independently, and we have been consistently amazed by her results! Angela will be writing more soon about her experiences as Maintainer Community Lead - so keep a watch for that post!

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