2019 Reports and our Annual Reports Page

We have released our 2019 Annual Report and Financial Report, and set up a standalone page for all Carpentries reports

Two pivotal resources for The Carpentries community were published for the first time in 2019. The first is our 2018 Annual Report which was released in early 2019, and the second is our 2018 Financial Updates Report which was publicised by our Executive Council in mid-2019. Both reports have been an invaluable reference in communicating with new and existing community members, potential funders, member organisations, and others.

Today, The Carpentries is excited to release our 2019 Annual Report and 2019 Financial Report, and to share a central resource we have created to aggregate all Carpentries reports for ease of access.

2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 Annual Report showcases the outcome of our community’s collaboration-driven ethos, and highlights our growth and progress in different areas over the past year. We penned our vision statement and articulated our nine core values in 2019, and you will read about this in this Annual Report. Additionally, you will find summaries of our five-year strategic plan, programmatic achievements from 2019, information about new grants and partnerships, updated metrics about our community and ongoing work, and more.

Hat tip to our Associate Director, Erin Becker, for her tireless work on the design and editorial efforts to bring this report together. A big thank you to our community members - Tania Allard and Bianca Peterson- whose fun designs from this design contest have been incorporated into this report.

2019 Financial Report

Our Financial Reports are created in the interest of transparency, and to help communicate information on financial planning, and sustainability in The Carpentries more broadly with our global community. In the 2019 Financial Report, you will learn that our Membership Program, Workshops and Instructor Training are three key sources of income for The Carpentries, among others. You will also find information on our programmatic expenditure and income, new grant funding and community sponsorship, and a summary of our financial position for 2020.

A big thank you to Talisha Sutton-Kennedy and the Executive Council Treasurer, Juan Steyn, for their extensive work on this 2019 Financial Report!

Central Archive for Carpentries Reports

To make it easier for community members and partner organisations to find and skim through our reports, we have created one page to hold all past, present and future reports by The Carpentries. You can access it here: carpentries.org/reports.

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