CarpentryCon Community Call, November 6

Join the Task Force on November 6 for CarpentryCon 2020 updates

We recently announced that CarpentryCon 2020 will be held in Wisconsin from June 29 to July 1, 2020 on the theme “Growing inclusive computational communities”.

After many rounds of community engagement on the calls for sessions, dates and times, as well as the call for themes and venue suggestions, we have chosen the theme above as a natural outgrowth of the previous CarpentryCon discussion. As the key biennial event of The Carpentries aimed at teaching foundational aspects of digital literacy, the focus shall be on the audience. We will be counting on the community as always to provide feedback and guidance to the steering committee, which presently consists of a well-mixed set of experienced organisers and eager volunteers.

In order to do this, the Carpentry Con 2020 task force will be holding a Community Call on Wednesday, November 6 at 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC to share about our plans for Carpentry Con so far and to solicit your feedback and suggestions for everything from programming to accessibility matters.

Considering CarpentryCon’s mandate, and the diversity of speakers you suggested for our 2020 conference, we are certain attendees will come away with new avenues to explore and new tools to master.

The CarpentryCon2020 Task Force has taken bold steps on the basis of the inputs, including the removal of poster sessions and the addition of new ice-breakers, but we want to hear more from the community in order to make sure this is truly a conference for everyone. You can join us at 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC on November 6, 2019 to make this happen; sign up on the community discussion Etherpad here:

CarpentryCon 2020 will be held at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, United States. The University of Wisconsin - Madison sits along the shores of Lake Mendota, including a student union with a lakeside terrace.

CarpentryCon2020 is supported by a growing local community of instructors, coordinated through UW-Madison’s Data Science Hub. Our fabulous sponsors at all levels have contributed to enable us to offer travel support for a limited number of participants.

We are open to volunteers and you can email the Task Force to register your interest! We have the pleasure of teasing events and details over the next couple of months, just in case now is not the right time to save the date. Looking forward to more enthusiastic participation and to seeing the full force of the carpentries diverse instructor and audience pool at CarpentryCon 2020!

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