36 lessons will be published, which ones will you contribute to?

Preparing for the June 2019 lesson release

The Carpentries lessons continuously change and improve through individual contributions from Instructors, workshop helpers, learners, and other users of the lessons. These contributions are guided by our lesson Maintainers, who also participate in and often lead large-scale updates to their lessons. To provide tangible credit for the work done by Maintainers and other contributors, we periodically publish our lessons on Zenodo, which provides a citable work product (DOI) that contributors can put on their CV or resume. Since our last coordinated lesson release in August 2017, many Library Carpentry lessons have become stable and ready for their first release. Several Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry lessons have also had major updates during this time period and are ready to release a new version.

The Maintainers for the following thirty-six lessons are preparing for publication next month. If you’ve been interested in getting involved with your favourite lesson, now is a great time to take the plunge! There will be a lot of activity on these lessons between now and 3 June as things get finalised for release. In many cases, Maintainers have created a “to-do” list that they’re actively seeking contributions for, so there’s a good entry point if you’re not sure where to get started. Click the links below to see where Maintainers are seeking contributions.

Data Carpentry Lessons in English

All of the Data Carpentry Genomics lessons will be participating in a BugBBQ hacky day on 1 June, hosted by Jason Williams and Uwe Hilgert at the University of Arizona, USA. To get involved with the BugBBQ and contribute in tandem with others, check out their blog post.

Data Carpentry Lessons in Spanish

Library Carpentry Lessons

Software Carpentry Lessons in English

Software Carpentry Lessons in Spanish

The Carpentries Lessons

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