Introducing The Carpentries' Regional Coordinators

How to connect with your Regional Coordinator

There are many roles in The Carpentries community. You may be familiar with some of them: Instructors, Maintainers, Trainers, and Mentors, just to name a few. What about Workshop Administrators?

The role of Workshop Administrator may seem obvious: they organise The Carpentries workshops. While that is true, they do far more than that. They are the face of The Carpentries in their region - building local communities and promoting the work of The Carpentries.

To communicate better about the work they do and how integral they are to community building in their respective regions, we are announcing the title change of our Workshop Administrators to Carpentries Regional Coordinators, and sharing a new way for you to connect with them.

Who are the Regional Coordinators? How do I find them?

Community members can connect with their Regional Coordinators via the newly launched Carpentries Regional Coordinator Portals page, where they can also find out about upcoming workshops and other events and see who the Instructors in their region are. For example, you can learn more about Carpentries communities in Australia here. We plan on adding additional features to these pages to make them even more useful to all our community members and welcome your suggestions via email to or via a PR to Github.

What if my region isn’t listed?

We currently have Regional Coordinators for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. If you do not see your specific region, don’t fret! That does not mean you cannot connect with anyone. SherAaron Hurt, our staff Workshop & Logistics Manager, covers all of the regions that do not have an identified Regional Coordinator. If you are interested in supporting us in this kind of role, be sure to check out the Regional Coordinators Roles and Expectations and contact Sher! for more information.

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