Mozilla-Library Carpentry Global Sprint, 30-31 May, 2019

Upcoming Sprint to improve and develop Library Carpentry material

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By Chris Erdmann

Library Carpentry Sprint, 30-31 May, 2019

The Library Carpentry Sprint is part of the 2019 Mozilla Global Sprint, which will take place worldwide throughout the month of May. You can find us on Mozilla Pulse.

We’ve participated in a number of sprints over the years. Have a look at a couple of our past sprints:

Sprints allow us to improve upon and develop new Library Carpentry material while meeting and collaborating with people in the community. If you are new to Library Carpentry, our website has some information to help get you started.

Anyone is welcome to join us during the Sprint!

To register, use the Etherpad to list yourself and/or the group you will be working with:

How will the Sprint work?

We will use our chatroom and the Library Carpentry GitHub repository to organise work during the 2-day Sprint. You can also link to a collaborative document (i.e. another Etherpad or Google doc) that you/your group will be using during the Sprint. Join the chatroom at any time using your GitHub username or your Twitter handle.

You can participate in the Sprint by:

  • Improving a current lesson - Have a look at our current lessons and identify the lesson(s) you would like to improve. Suggestions can be submitted either via an issue or a pull request to the lesson repositories listed here. In general, it will be good to reach out to the chatroom to coordinate with Maintainers of the lessons, but if you need help before the event with creating an issue and/or pull request, the chatroom is a great resource for connecting you with community members that can help.

  • Contributing to a new lesson - First, have a look at our experimental lessons. Ahead of the Sprint, if you see a lesson you would like to help with, reach out to contributor names listed and/or the Sprint chatroom to coordinate.

  • Helping with the Library Carpentry website - There are a handful of issues already but you can also create new issues to be addressed and/or submit pull requests to correct issues. You can also do the same if you have suggestions to improve the design and content of the website.

  • Testing the Top 10 FAIR Data & Software Things - During a sprint in November 2018, a number of brief guides on FAIR data & software called Top 10 Things were created to help discipline-based communities understand the FAIR Principles. For this Sprint, you can test these guides to see whether Carpentries approaches can be used to teach them. Submit your teaching suggestions as issues and/or pull requests.

  • Joining our chatroom - If you are still not sure what you would like to help with during the Sprint, reach out to us via the chatroom and we can help you find something.

When you decide on what you and/or your group would like to work on, please list it in the Etherpad (next to where you registered):

People can start working today. There will be people available to answer questions at most times before and during the Sprint. We will use the chatroom to wrangle those questions and offer any clarifications. We will also have a dedicated Zoom channel with calls happening at the top of the hour for most of the Sprint. The Zoom channel will be:

You will be able to ask questions via the video calls as well (which we will also use for networking). If you are not sure about something, please post a question in the chatroom (directed to someone in particular, if need be) and someone will get back to you.

How the Sprint will be organised

There are a number of individuals and/or group sites (see them here), all of which will start working at different times around the world. The individuals/groups will organise their own work and report back on how things are going during video calls, via the chatroom, or through the hourly handovers (where the baton will be passed on to the next locations).

Sprinters can participate via the different ways listed above but can reach out to the chatroom if they still have questions/ideas. If you are new to sprints and/or Mozilla-Library Carpentry sprints, feel free to reach out to the community via the channels listed above and the community can hopefully answer any questions you may have. You can also reach out to if you have further questions about the Sprint.

Social media for the Sprint

If you tweet, please tweet about the event using the handle @LibCarpentry and the hashtags #lc2019 and #mozsprint. Photos are good too. It would be great to have photos of sprinters so we can do an illustrated blog post of how the Sprint went. Please do share your photos in the various channels that we will be using during the Sprint.

If you want to choose a different time?

If the Sprint dates/times, 30-31 May 2019, do not work for you and/or your group, no problem. Feel free to arrange separate sprint dates/times. This year the Mozilla Global Sprint is flexible and you can sprint all throughout the month of May. If you do choose separate dates/times, please note when you will be meeting in the Etherpad next to your name/group name information and the project. This way, others will know what you are working on and can get in touch.

See you at the Sprint!

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