Lesson Program Implementation, Governance Group Meeting, and Community Updates

News on Library Carpentry’s Lesson Program Implementation with The Carpentries

This post originally appeared on the Library Carpentry website

By Chris Erdmann

Lesson Program Implementation

As mentioned in a recent Carpentries blog post on 1 November 2018, Library Carpentry is now an official Lesson Program of The Carpentries. In the post, we outlined our next steps, in other words, our implementation plan to make this so. We’d like to update the community about where we are at with regard to the plan.

The official Lesson Program language has been integrated into a number of Carpentries resources including our Library Carpentry websites, GitHub organization and instructional repositories, policies, handbook, onboarding material, request forms, surveys, one pagers, slides, badges, trainer/instructor etherpads/documents, and social media profiles. We’ve added collaborators from The Carpentries staff, Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee and Governance Group to our GitHub organisations. Also, Cam Macdonell (MacEwan University), a longtime member of the Library Carpentry community, has joined The Carpentries infrastructure group.

Ongoing work set to be completed in the coming weeks includes adding past Library Carpentry workshop data to AMY (The Carpentries database), continuing our pilot of the Library Carpentry certificate process, updating the general Carpentries etherpad template to include Library Carpentry, reviewing Library Carpentry website so that it aligns with The Carpentries language, informing workshop Administrators, moving Library Carpentry-related Lesson Program onboarding material to the handbook, updating Maintainer documentation based on upcoming onboarding discussions, aligning our domain hosting workflow and infrastructure, trademarking Library Carpentry, and updating our style guide, assessment reporting, and hex sticker designs.

We expect most of the remaining work to conclude in January 2019 and to wrap up in February 2019. Thanks to the Library Carpentry Governance Group, Curriculum Advisory Committee, Carpentries staff, and community members that have helped with the Lesson Program implementation!

As always, if you see anything we missed, please submit a pull request and/or issue to our website or Governance repository. You can also contact chris@carpentries.org.

Governance Group Meeting

During our most recent meeting on 10 January 2019, Governance Group members discussed our desire to foster greater collaboration between The Carpentries and Library Carpentry communities. We discussed the different communication channels available between the Lesson Programs and whether we can streamline some of the channels, to bring the communities together. The Group also discussed our goals for the coming year. We will be revisiting these topics during our next meeting on 14 January 2019. If you have questions/comments that you would like to share with us ahead of the meeting, please submit an issue to our Governance repository and/or contact chris@carpentries.org.

Community Updates

Next week, 14-17 January 2019, Library Carpentry Maintainers (listed here) will have a chance to discuss different aspects of being a Maintainer, from the technical side to updates to the lessons.

The Top 10 FAIR Data Things sprinters will finalize the resources they developed during the November 2018 sprint by 18 January 2019 and the resulting work will be published via Zenodo by 30 January 2019.

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