Election for The Carpentries’ Vision and 2019 Executive Council

2019 ballot description and logistics

The Carpentries will hold an election from December 3-7 for both the 2019 Executive Council as well as The Carpentries’ vision.

The Carpentries Executive Council is hosting two Community Calls this week (on Thursday/Friday depending on your time zone) to discuss the election. Two sessions will be held to accommodate our global community. Connection details are in the etherpad; please sign in if you plan to attend. These community calls will provide an opportunity to ask questions about community governance and the election process, as well as learn more about the candidates for the community-elected Executive Council positions.

On the Ballot

The Carpentries holds annual elections to select the two community-elected Executive Council positions open each year. For an overview of the responsibilities of the Executive Council and governance in general, please see this blog post. The candidates for the 2019 community-elected Executive Council positions are:

The ballot this year will also include three options for the new vision of The Carpentries, as refined following feedback from the RFC:

  • Data and computing skills for everyone
  • Building communities teaching universal data literacy
  • Empowering everyone to solve problems using data

Ballot Logistics

If you are a Voting Member of The Carpentries, you should receive an email from ElectionBuddy by the end of the day on Monday, December 3. If you believe you meet the qualifications of a Voting Member but do not receive your ballot, please check your information and workshop records in AMY and email team@carpentries.org with any corrections so we can arrange to have a ballot resent.

Dialogue & Discussion

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