We just passed 2K Twitter followers!

In celebration of reaching 2K Twitter followers, here is a summary of our Twitter Analytics

**This post originally appeared on the [Library Carpentry website](https://librarycarpentry.org)**

By Chris Erdmann

It’s time to celebrate a milestone. On October 24th, 2018, the Library Carpentry Twitter account passed two thousand followers! We thought it would be a great opportunity to summarise our Twitter analytics.

To start, here are our top 5 tweets by impressions since we created the account in May 2016:

Our top 5 mentions by impressions are:

Starting in April 2018, our average impressions per month jumped from 8K to 33K. In May 2018 we got our largest bump in new followers at 161 since May 2017 when we added 158 followers. Overall, November 2016 saw us adding the most followers at 279.

These are some of the highlights from our Twitter Analytics. Thank you to everyone that follows us, and as always let us know about all the software and data efforts you are supporting in your libraries!

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