The Carpentries 2018 Annual Report

The Carpentries has put together our first official annual report!

Join us in celebrating the release of The Carpentries’ first official annual report! This report provides a quick overview of our activities for the past year and a look into the coming year. It also serves to communicate the mission, achievements, and fiscal health of The Carpentries to potential members and funding organizations.

Because this report is primarily intended for people and organisations encountering The Carpentries for the first time, it highlights the history of The Carpentries and the values of our community. We believe that this report will also be of interest to our current community members. It provides an quick, graphical, and (we hope!) fun overview of the past action-packed year, along with a statement of progress toward our mission, and a snapshot of our finances over the past year. If you’re looking for a resource to share with your department head, director, or other potential ally of The Carpentries - this is it!

This report was a full-staff effort - the activities of The Carpentries are many and distilling them down to an understandable six page report was no easy feat! Input from each staff member regarding the areas they work in was exceedingly valuable to Elizabeth Williams and Erin Becker, who put this report together. Executive Council members Karen Cranston and Kate Hertweck were also involved in composing this report, and provided a letter from the Executive Council about our community’s progress over the past year. An extra special thanks to Bérénice Batut for sharing her excellent photography from CarpentryCon.

Read and download the full report on our website or on zenodo. Happy reading!

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