Join an Onboarding Session for Hosting Discussion Sessions

Hosting discussion sessions is a great way to expand your network

Instructor discussions are important to our community to help Instructors prepare to teach, to debrief after Instructors have taught, and to help new Instructors complete their certification as Carpentries Instructors. Sessions are regularly run and are generally well-attended. Feedback to the Mentoring Subcommittee proves they are highly valued.

Toby Hodges recently put out a call to recruit new session hosts so we can meet continuing demand for these sessions.

Why it is worthwhile

As someone who has hosted a few in her time, I would say that, far from being hard work, these sessions are a joy to run and be part of. Meeting new people in our wide global community is always stimulating. People in discussions I have hosted have ranged from ‘old hands’ coming back to share their workshop experience to new members of the community about to teach for the very first time and bursting with questions. Attendees have been based in Japan, the US, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands … the list goes on.

What is great about these sessions is how willing people are to share what they know and to listen to whatever tips they can pick up.

So why not be a host yourself? To help you find out if this is for you, come along to an Onboarding session next week. This will not commit you to anything but you will be able to find out what it entails.

Sign up for an onboarding session

There will be two onboarding sessions held next week, 2 July (this might be 3 July for some of you). Times and details are on this etherpad around line 100. You can sign up there too. Whether you are interested in being a host, or if you would prefer to start off as a co-host or notetaker, this is the session that can help.

The first session is Monday, 2 July at 13:00 UTC.

See date and time in your zone.

Sign up at line 100 on the etherpad.

The second session is Monday 2 July at 22:00 UTC.

See time and date in your zone.

Sign up at line 100 on the etherpad.

I will be attending the second session so I look forward to meeting some of you there.

This is a fantastic way to ‘give back’ to this community.

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