A summary of the tweets generated at CarpentryCon 2018, Dublin

To complete the CarpentryCon report, I analysed the tweets with the “#CarpentryCon2018” hashtag or that mentioned “@CarpentryCon” using the rtweet R package by Michael W. Kearney. The source code used is available from GitHub and is based on the analyses of tweets generated during the Evolution conference in 2015 and 2017. This analysis would not also be possible without the tidytext and the tidyverse packages.

The figures seem to reflect the feeling participants expressed during the conference. The Carpentries is about the great people making up our community and this is reflected in the word cloud, and the most commonly associated words. The sentiment analysis shows very little use of words associated with negativity (and the ones used seem to be from people who could not attend the event), but instead highlight the positive experience of the participants.

If you have other ideas to analyse the tweets, leave them in the comments!

Basic summary

  • Total number of tweets with the #CarpentryCon2018 hashtag between 2018-05-26 18:30:25, and 2018-06-05 16:29:25: 2574
  • Total of original tweets (no retweets): 772.
  • Number of users who tweeted: 326.

Tweets timeline

plot of chunk timeline

The 5 most favorited tweets

The 5 most retweeted tweets

Top users

All generated tweets (including retweets)

plot of chunk top-users-all

Only for original tweets (retweets excluded)

plot of chunk top-users-orig

Most favourited/retweeted users

The figures below only include users who tweeted 5+ times, and do not include retweets.

Number of favourites received by users

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

Number of retweets received by users

plot of chunk most-rt-received

Mean numbers of favourites received

plot of chunk mean-fav-received

Mean numbers of retweets received

plot of chunk mean-rt-received

Word cloud

The top 100 words among the original tweets.

plot of chunk word-cloud

Most used emojis

plot of chunk emoji

Most commonly associated words

plot of chunk word-pairs

Sentiment analysis

plot of chunk sentiment

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