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Post by Belinda Weaver.

Peter Neish and I taught a one-day Library Carpentry workshop to around 24 library staff at the University of Melbourne on 4 May.

Workshop pictures

We covered jargon busting, regular expressions for pattern matching, the Unix shell, and OpenRefine. This was a fairly ambitious program for a single day, but we managed to get through it, losing only a little skin as we tore through the shell lesson. Things went a little off the rails when the main projector started switching on and off randomly. This resulted in a total rearrangement of the room with a subsequent loss of visibility for some learners.

Peter teaching

Peter got his first chance to teach when he ran the regular expressions session before lunch. I taught the rest with help from Peter, Lyle Winton and Alistair Walsh.

Group shot

As well as the projector failure, we has a few snafus with uncooperative shells and malfunctioning site workarounds, but on the whole, the day went well, and some people planned to attend the upcoming sprint to keep the ball rolling.

Here are the happy campers!

Happy group

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