Carpentry Champions Call

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

At the 14 February Carpentry Champions call we’ll be talking about the development of a new resource called the Carpentries Cookbook.

This is an open contribution, community-developed document to help members and supporters share strategies to build local Carpentries communities. We’ve begun this work here.

The Champions call is scheduled for 8pm UTC, 14 February, 2018. The meeting agenda, connection details (via Zoom) and sign up are on the etherpad, and you can check the local time and date for you.

In preparation

I’ve created a few issues to help us gather some feedback about what tools, events, and practices have helped you grow your local community. I’d appreciate contributions and feedback in advance of the meeting to the prompts I’ve created

If you have other prompts or suggested chapters, please add them as new Issues on the repo. The repo will feed the website which we hope will become the go-to source for learning about building communities of practice around digital skills.

As always, we’re an open community and we’re always keen to have new participants and contributors. So please invite anyone you think would be interested along. This quarterly meeting will focus on building tools and resources for supporting new community members.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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