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Apply to Become a Carpentry Maintainer

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

Software and Data Carpentry are currently accepting applications to join the lesson Maintainer team. Carpentry Maintainers work with the community to make sure that lessons stay up-to-date, accurate, functional and cohesive. Maintainers monitor their lesson repository, make sure that PRs and Issues are addressed in a timely manner, and participate in the lesson development cycle including lesson releases. They endeavor to be welcoming and supportive of contributions from all members of the community.

More detailed information about what Maintainers do can be found here. Please review this document, paying attention to the time commitment involved, before submitting your application. New Maintainers will be invited to join the existing Maintainer group as we develop formal guidelines and training documentation for onboarding new Maintainers.

You can apply to become a Maintainer here.

New Maintainers will be mentored in the maintenance process to help them understand the current structure of the lessons, how that structure has arisen, any open topics of discussion around major changes to the lessons, and Git and GitHub mechanics.

Applications will be open through Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 6am UTC. Use this link to see the deadline in your local time.

Please get in touch with Erin Becker (ebecker@carpentries.org) if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in joining the Maintainer team!

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