Call for Applicants: Mentoring Subcommittee Co-Chair

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Dear Carpentries Community,

How would you like to work first-hand on developing our ever growing instructor pool? A Mentoring Subcommittee Co-Chair position has just opened!

The leader serving in this year-long position (December 2017- December 2018) will share duties with the co-chair of the mentoring subcommittee, with a workload averaging 1.5 hours/week.

The expectations of the mentoring co-chairs are to host the monthly mentoring subcommittee meetings, facilitate opportunities for building connections across our community to better serve our instructors, and to manage the weekly instructor discussion sessions hosted on this etherpad.

If you would like to be considered, please fill out this short form by December 4th. The current mentoring subcommittee co-chairs will select a new co-chair from the applicant pool, with input from the Carpentries staff liaison, and other members of the Carpentries community.

Please be welcome to email Marian at marschmi AT with any questions regarding the position.


The Mentoring Co-Chairs, Jamie & Marian

Apply Here:


  • Host one of the two monthly mentoring committee meetings (The co-chair will host the other.)
  • One debriefing meeting per month with co-chair (usually soon after monthly meeting).
  • An average of ~1.5 hours per week (usually ~2 hours/week during the week of hosting the mentoring committee meetings).
  • When possible, help host or co-host instructor discussions.
  • Communicate challenges and opportunities with Carpentries staff liaison.


1 year position December 2017 - December 2018

  • Mentored by both co-chairs of the subcommittee (Jamie & Marian) for the first month.
  • Until February 2018, work closely with other co-chair (Marian).
  • In February, there will be another co-chair application.


  • Collaborate with dedicated members of our community to better help mentor and create a network within our amazing community of instructor.
  • Assist with improving and creating new resources for our instructor and mentoring communities.
  • Meet many other amazing Software and Data Carpentry instructors and instructors-in-training.
  • Gain and practice skills in community organization.
  • Learn more about how the Carpentries function as an organization.

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