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Bug BBQ to Update Instructor Training Materials

Two days of bug squashing coming up!

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

A new version of the Carpentry Instructor Training curriculum is scheduled to be published on 10 August.

To prepare for this release, we ran an Issue Bonanza on 13-14 July to identify bugs and issues such as typos and broken links. Now that these issues have been organised into a plan of work, we plan to resolve them with a Bug BBQ on 3-4 August. Help make sure the final product is polished and complete by getting involved.

How do I help?

We’ll be gathering online to tackle this project starting at this time: https://tinyurl.com/ybcf8a43. You can see more information about how to get involved in the Bug BBQ on the event Etherpad. Please sign up to let us know you’re coming!

Why a new release?

We last published this curriculum in February. Since then, we’ve taught over 150 new instructors at a dozen training events. We’ve also welcomed 10 new Instructor Trainers to our community, with 15 more coming on board in September. We’ve learned a lot over the past six months so we want to incorporate what we’ve learned into our next release. If you’ve ever made a contribution to the Instructor Training materials, you’re already an author, so please come and help us get things straight.

Why is the material important?

This curriculum helps prepare new instructors to teach Carpentry workshops. It also impacts instructors’ teaching practices when they teach in other contexts, helping to spread the Carpentry pedagogical model and evidence-based teaching practices around the world!

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