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Be a part of Data Carpentry’s first lesson release!

We’re planning our first lesson release - learn how you can contribute!

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Bug BBQ starting tomorrow, Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 22:00 UTC

Be a part of Data Carpentry’s first lesson release! Data Carpentry is aiming to release its Ecology lessons on April 21st. We held an Issue Bonanza last month to identify everything from typos to updates in code blocks. This was a great success, with over 130 issues generated by 17 members of our community! Our next step is to go through and resolve those issues and finalize the Ecology lessons for release.

To help us get over the finish line we’re having a Bug BBQ starting Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 22:00 UTC to squash as many of these bugs as we can before the release. The Bug BBQ is also an opportunity for you to engage with our world-wide community. For more info about the event, read-on and visit our Bug BBQ Etherpad.

Click this link to see the event in your local time.

How can you participate? We’re asking you, members of the Carpentry community, to spend a few hours on April 6-7th to wrap up outstanding tasks to improve the lessons. Ahead of the event, issues have been created and labeled that need to be resolved before we wrap up Data Carpentry Ecology v1.0. There will be issues for everyone! Issues are labeled with level of difficulty and type. So, you could even spend just a few minutes putting in a PR!

Where will this be? Join in from where you are: No need to go anywhere - if you’d like to participate remotely, start by having a look at the outstanding issues below.

Ecology Workshop Overview
Ecology Spreadsheets Lesson
Ecology OpenRefine Lesson
Ecology SQL Lesson
Ecology R Lesson
Ecology Python Lesson

If you’d like to get together with other people working on these lessons live, let people know where you’ll be participating on the Bug BBQ Etherpad and join the conversation on our gitter channel.

The Bug BBQ is going to be a great chance to get the community together, get our Ecology lessons over the finish line, and wrap up a product that gives you and all our contributors credit for your hard work with a citable object - we will be minting a DOI for this on publication that can go on your CV!

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