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Run a workshop this Spring!

Attend our new ‘Run a Workshop!’ office hours.

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website Did you know that 95% of Data Carpentry learners are first-timers? As a community we’ve impacted hundreds of learners around the globe, and 93% of our learners told us that their level of data management and analysis skills were higher because of our workshops!

We’re doing very well as a community, so let’s keep up the good work. We want to encourage you to either request a workshop, or run a Self-Organised workshop this Spring (March-May).

If you’d like to run a Self-Organised Data Carpentry workshop, but haven’t taught one yet, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Look at the lessons and decide which content you’d like to teach.
  2. Recruit co-instructors and helpers.
  3. Find and book a venue.
  4. Set up your workshop registration page and website.

Here’s the complete checklist.

If you’re interested in running a workshop this Spring, but need more information, attend one of our new virtual ‘Run a Workshop!’ office hours. During the “Run a Workshop!” office hours we will give a short overview of Data Carpentry workshops and you can ask any questions you have about logistics, content or anything else. Come by any of our office hours with questions for Tracy or Maneesha, and meet other instructors on the call. Dates and times are listed in this etherpad. Sign up if you plan to attend.

If you’re not a certified instructor yet, now is a great time to finish your checkout process. Just follow the steps in our checklist!

You, our instructors, are the backbone of our community. We are here to encourage and support you however we can. Let us know how we can help you get started.

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