Beginning the conversation: Potential merger with Data Carpentry

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Newcomers to our community frequently request clarification regarding the distinction between Software Carpentry (SWC) and Data Carpentry (DC). SWC and DC are two independently established and operated organizations that share a common goal of promoting education in reproducible science skills, both in data literacy (DC) and software development (SWC).

Despite our separate organizational structures, SWC and DC maintain close ties, and have begun moving over the last year or so towards increased connectivity. Staff interact with leadership and members of both communities, and are sometimes shared hires between both groups. We offer joint institutional memberships. We’ve worked together to implement shared policies, and have released statements which reflect our commitment to shared values.

Given the increasing levels of integration between SWC and DC, the SWC Steering Committee passed a resolution at a recent meeting to “begin discussions with representatives from DC leadership about a potential merger” between these two currently independent organizations.

We are excited about the potential these discussions hold in forging a strong, cohesive community that will continue to promote the goals of both organizations, and look forward to sharing our ideas with you in coming months.

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