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Moving Forward

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website
As of January 30th, Greg Wilson has stepped down from his role as Director of Instructor Training to start a new position as Shopify’s Computer Sciences Education Lead.

Instructor training will continue under the guidance of Erin Becker, Data Carpentry’s Associate Director and Maneesha Sane, Data and Software Carpentry’s Program Coordinator. Erin has a strong background for this role from her postdoc at University of California, Davis studying the effectiveness of training methods for transforming instructional practices. She has been involved with the Carpentry community as an instructor trainer, a member of the Mentorship Subcommittee, and leader of the effort to form an instructor mentoring program.

Maneesha is the Carpentry Program Coordinator, and serves as an active Carpentry instructor and member of the Mentorship Subcommittee. Maneesha’s hard work behind the scenes keeps Carpentry workshops running smoothly. She will now bring her expertise to coordinating instructor training events.

Erin and Maneesha have worked actively with Greg to ensure a smooth transition. We are conducting instructor trainings as scheduled, and are planning new events with Member Organizations. We will continue our efforts to train and support instructor trainers and build the instructor training program.

If you have any questions about instructor training, including the status of your institution’s planned training event, please contact us at admin@software-carpentry.org.

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