Carpentries Career Pathways Panel: Raniere Silva, Geneviève Smith, Tiffany Timbers

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Tuesday, January 24, 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm UTC / 2am AEST (next day)

On Tuesday, January 24, the Carpentries will host the first of three Career Pathway Panels, where members of the Carpentry communities can hear from three individuals in careers that leverage teaching experience and Carpentry skills.

Anyone who has taught at a Carpentry workshop in the last three months is invited to join, and should register ahead of time in order to be invited to the call. Registration is limited to 20 people per session, so please only commit if you are sure you will attend. Attendees can register for any number of these sessions. Future, monthly, panel sessions will occur on different days and at different times. Each session will last one hour and will feature a different set of panelists.

For the first session, we are excited to be joined by the below panelists!

Raniere Silva

Community Officer at the Software Sustainability Institute, UK. I’m Brazilian, just completed my year living abroad, and my background is applied mathematics. Most of the time I select Python as the tool that I will use to solve my tasks but I’m jealous of those who use RStudio. My dream is that South America host as much Carpentries workshop (Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, …) as US, UK and Australia.

Geneviève Smith

I’m the Head of Data Science at Insight, where we run training programs for quantitative PhDs who want to move into careers in data science, data engineering, health data, and AI. Prior to joining Insight I did a postdoc and earned my PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior from UT Austin. My research focused on the role of competition in structuring ecological communities of species through a combination of field-based experiments and theoretical modeling. During my time in grad school I participated in multiple Software Carpentry workshops, volunteered at a few, and trained to be an instructor. Those experiences were critical in my development as a coder and helped me gain confidence while building evidence of my computational skills.

Tiffany Timbers

Tiffany Timbers received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Carleton University in 2001, following which she completed a Doctorate in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in 2012, which focused on the genetic basis of learning and memory. After obtaining her doctorate, Tiffany carried out data-intensive postdoctoral research in behavioural and neural genomics at Simon Fraser University (SFU). During this time, she also gained valuable experience teaching computational skills to students and scientists through her work with Data and Software Carpentry, the SFU scientific programming study group, and teaching a course in computation in Physical Sciences at Quest University. Tiffany began her current teaching role in the University of British Columbia Master of Data Science program in the summer of 2016.

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