Community Service Awards 2016

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the Software Carpentry Foundation's first community service awards, which are given annually to recognize work that improves the Foundation's fulfillment of its mission and benefits the broader community:

Christina Koch

After becoming an instructor, Christina Koch immediately started taking on extra responsibilities. She has taught countless workshops, been a lesson maintainer, played a major role in the mentoring committee, and become an instructor trainer.


Adrianna Pinska

Adrianna Pinska participated in her first workshop as a helper in November 2014, and then became certified as an instructor. Since then she has organized workshops in conjunction with events like PyConZA, going from four participants in the first to a full house most recently.


Jon Pipitone

Jon Pipitone was our unofficial system administrator from 2010 to 2016. In that time, he managed our servers, took care of backups and mailing lists, and generally kept the lights on. Jon's work was not directly visible to most of our community, but was essential to keeping us afloat.

Please join us in congratulating all three!

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