Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Steering Committee informs that the minutes of their third quarter are now linked on the Software Carpentry Foundation page as well on the README of the board GitHub repository. If you have critics and suggestions related to the minutes please send those by email to our Secretary, Raniere Silva, at raniere@rgaics.com.

In the forth and last quarter, the Steering Committee will focus to wrap and documenting some procedures to make the transition to the next Steering Committee smoother than this year, something that started with the Amending Steering Committee Election Procedures that you voted last October.

We are very excited by all this year achivements from our community, more details will be available later this year on our annual report, and looking for the amazing members from our community that will standing for this election to help shape the future direction of Software Carpentry.

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