Software engineer position at The Jackson Laboratory

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A scientific software engineer position is available immediately at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME. This position reports to the Associate Director of Jackson’s Computational Sciences Scientific Computing (CSSC) team that is primarily responsible for developing software applications for scientific research programs. The individual in this position is responsible for developing software applications and systems to support genetics and genomics research including but not limited to web-based technologies and systems. A senior level candidate will lead development of complex projects, from high-level requirements, involving teams that may include other software developers, bioinformatics analysts, statisticians and scientists.

The ideal candidate for this position has a BS or higher degree in computer science or bioinformatics and/or significant related job experience in the biomedical field or bioinformatics. Experience in identifying and developing software applications in the biomedical sciences and/or bioinformatics and implementing systems for analyzing large-scale scientific data e.g. Next Generation Sequencing data (NGS) is preferred. Experience with data exploration and visualization is a plus.

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