Welcome to Google Summer of Code Students

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Thanks to a lot of hard work from some members of our community and members of others open source scientific projects we are happy to welcome the students and mentors that will participate on Google Summer of Code this year under NumFOCUS umbrela.

Student Project Mentors
Bhargav Srinivasa Dynamic Topic Models for Gensim Lev Konstantinovskiy, Radim Rehurek and Devasena Inupakutika
Chris Medrela Manage workflow for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructor training Greg Wilson and Piotr Banaszkiewicz
Akash Goel Upgrade to datapackage.json standard for EcoData Retriever Henry Senyondo and Ethan White
Patrick Kofod Mogensen Improving the state of Optim.jl for JuliaOpt Miles Lubin
Prerit Garg Result-aggregation server for the installation-test scripts for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry Piotr Banaszkiewicz and Raniere Silva
Ramchandran Muthukumar Presolve Routines for LP and SDP within Convex.jl for JuliaOpt Madeleine Udell
Hannah Aizenman Categorical Axis for matplotlib Michael Droettboom and Thomas Caswell

This is the second year that NumFOCUS participate on Google Summer of Code and they have more than the double of slots from last year. Selecting the students was very difficult due the high quality of the proposals that are archived on GitHub.

As last year, we suggested that possible students use GitHub to communicate with possible mentors and use pull requests if they want to have feedback on their drafts. After the application deadline we talked with some students and they mention be afraid to work in the open with their proposal at the begin but they received valuables suggestions what is an reasonable trade-off.

In terms of Software and Data Carpentry communities, Piotr Banaszkiewicz, our student last year, will be one of our mentors this year aside Ethan While, Henry Senyondo, Greg Wilson and I.

We also welcome the students and mentors from some of our friends: Python Software Foundation, Open Astronomy, R Project, Julia, GitHub, BioJS, CERN and Mozilla.

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