Starting off Data Carpentry in 2016

Several workshops starting off Data Carpentry in 2016

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In 2015 we were just starting out as an organization and ran limited workshops as we were working to scale. With many Software Carpentry instructors now certified as Data Carpentry instructors, our Program Coordinator, Maneesha Sane, coordinating workshops, a new website and an instructor database, in 2016 we’re set to do a lot more!

The website was a bit behind our 2016 activities, so we’d like to highlight some workshops that have happened already.


Already we have run 4 workshops. We were very excited to start off teaching at two great organizations on the same dates, USDA-ARS and London Natural History Museum. A great thanks to O.P. Perara at USDA-ARS for hosting that workshop and John Moreau and Zhuo Fu for instructing. A full set of instructors ran the Natural History Museum workhshop, and thanks to Ahmad Alam, Martin Callaghan, Malcolm Penn and Consuelo Sendino.

Two other workshops were the last few pilots of the Genomics lessons, to finish preparing them for prime time teaching this year. Many people from the Genomics and Assessment Hackathon and others have put in an incredible amount of work to get this workshop version together, and we’ll have a full post on these lessons soon. Jason Williams, Sheldon McKay and Matthew Aiello-Lammens taught one at Stonybrook University and Amanda Charbonneau and Will Pitchers taught a one day segment at BEACON at Michigan State.

We’re just starting to schedule more for the months ahead. You can see upcoming workshops on our Upcoming Workshops page. If you don’t see a workshop in your region and are interested in having one, become a host and request a workshop! Or contact us for more information.

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