Welcome to 2016

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Mentoring Subcommittee hope that you and your family had a incredible Christmas and amazing New Year.

We are slowly backing from holidays but we already have a busy agenda for January so we give a heads up for a few important dates:

  • Mentoring Subcommittee Meeting on January 11th.

    This will be our first meeting this year and we will have some discussions about our plans for 2016. If you want to join us you will find informations at http://pad.software-carpentry.org/scf-mentoring. You can use the etherpad for suggestions or send them by email to mentoring@lists.software-carpentry.org.

  • Lab Meeting on January 12th.

    Jonah will provide details of Software Carpentry activities for the next few months.

  • Post-Workshop Debriefing Session on January 12th.

    If you taught one workshop in December or early January we will love to have your feedback. And you are welcome even if you didn’t.

  • Deadline for stand for Steering Committee elections on January 15th.

    If you want to shape the future of Software Carpentry this is for you. I can’t say that will be a easy job but I can say that will be reaward to work together with amazing people from our community.

For future activities please check this calendar.

Happy New Year! And we will be looking to have some fun with you during some workshops.

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