AMY Version 1.3

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

In the past month we’ve seen two releases of AMY: v1.2.1 and v1.3. This blog post (originally published on my personal blog) contains a joined release notes for both of them.

Bug fixes

  • wrong URL used in event validation or import/update features is now indicated (and we won’t receive wrong notifications about it)
  • properly throw 404 on some pages (previously: 500)
  • spaces are striped from Person and ProfileUpdateRequest fields (names, emails)
  • disable location inputs on event details page if online country was preselected

New features

  • use custom-built jQuery-UI (so that we no longer have conflicts with Bootstrap’s tooltip module)
  • Greg updated the script used to send instructors “Hey, update your info” mails (it’s getting removed later on)
  • it’s possible to add memberships per host
  • new badge: DC instructor
  • new logic for dealing with two instructor badges
  • timeline of TO-DO items
  • basic models (e.g. lessons, tags, academic levels, etc.) are now manageable from Django’s admin interface
  • all persons view: add filtering by workshop type person taught at
  • remove blurred production database in favor of generated fake database
  • mailing script turned into better Django management command
  • bulk upload now shows generated username and suggested people with matching names
  • show preview of event on SWC website
  • API: filter events by tags

No longer with us

  • Greg removed some unused scripts ( and commands (
  • notifications about invalid HTTP header Host
  • other removed scripts and commands

January and February don’t seem busy for me, so I hope to have more done on AMY in the coming months. I also want to thank Prof. Ethan White for his support of my work through December, and for extending his support for the next two months.

Interested in helping develop AMY? See what’s scheduled for v1.4.

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