Data Carpentry Instructor Certification for Software Carpentry Instructors

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Data Carpentry has been growing over the last year, and now with the addition of Maneesha Sane as Program Coordinator, we have the chance to run even more workshops in more domains. To date, we have used some great instructors from the Software Carpentry community as teachers; what we would like to do now is put that on a more regular footing.

We want to update the instructor records to see who’s interested and qualified to teach Data Carpentry, so we’ve created a Data Carpentry Instructor FastTrack certification. If you have already taught a Data Carpentry workshop, you’re registered as a Data Carpentry instructor and don’t need to go through the FastTrack certification process. If you are currently a Software Carpentry instructor and would like to teach core data wrangling skills to people who are new to computing, this program is for you!

This program is just for people who are already Software Carpentry instructors. The Software Carpentry Foundation will continue to train new instructors, and we’re working together on the pathways to becoming both Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructors. If you’re going through Instructor Training right now or in the future, we’ll make sure you know how to become a Data Carpentry instructor.

To become a Data Carpentry instructor through the FastTrack program, you should have:

  • Demonstrated teaching experience for Software Carpentry or with another organization or university

  • Enough knowledge to teach at least two of our core topics (introductions to data organization, R, Python, SQL, or OpenRefine)

  • Demonstrated interest and ability to teach people new to computing

If you are interested and meet these requirements, please apply through the Data Carpentry website.

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