August 18 - 26, 2015: Instructors' Retreat, Applying Discounts, Adding Lessons, Be a Mentor, Undergraduate Training, and Improving RStudio.

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  • Do you want to meet other Software Carpentry instructors and share your training experience? Let us know when you'll be available for our first Virtual Instructors' Retreat. We've already heard back from 60 people!
  • How do you know if a fee waiver or discount will apply to your Software Carpentry Workshop? Read our new guidelines.
  • Mike Jackson wrote about how easy and rewarding it is to add lessons to the Software Carpentry repertoire. It's inspirational to see the power of openness and collaboration.



ProjectIssuesPull Requests
shell-novice 9 3 2
sql-novice-survey 1 1
python-novice-inflammation 1 2 1 3
r-novice-inflammation 4 2 2
matlab-novice-inflammation 1 1 1
amy 6 1 13 3
site 3 15 9 9 3

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