June 29 - July 06, 2015: Research Software Engineers, Not Changing Lesson Build Tools, and Moving to Python3.

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.


  • Do you know what a Research Software Engineer is or why we desperately need to recognise the role RSEs are playing in research? Read about the history of RSEs and a fellowship programme available for RSEs in the UK.
  • Version 5.4 of our lessons will be released at the end of November, rather than mid-August, and lesson build tools will remain unchanged until then. Most importantly we'll be changing the Python lessons to run on Python 3.


  • Are you looking for other ways to contribute to Software Carpentry? Visit our Projects page to see an exciting list of opportunities for you to get involved.


ProjectIssuesPull Requests
shell-novice 3 1 1
git-novice 2 9 1 1
sql-novice-survey 3 1 11 7
python-novice-inflammation 9
r-novice-inflammation 18 1 3
matlab-novice-inflammation 5
amy 3 8 15 5 10
site 3 6 7

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