A Pair of Workshops

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Do you know your options for software licensing? Have you heard of new funders' requirements for software sharing? This workshop in Cambridge (UK) on Monday, September 14, is your chance to get expert advice on these and other questions about software licensing. Speakers include Neil Chue Hong, the Director of the Software Sustainability Institute, and Shoaib Sufi, the SSI's Community Leader.

The event is open to everyone and you are welcome to bring your questions to the workshop. There will lots of opportunities to discuss your queries at the sessions and during the dedicated networking lunch. For more information, please see the workshop's website.

There is also a workshop on Monday, October 19, at the Natural History Museum in London on getting credit for software. This workshop will explore what contribution software can and should make for academic reputational credit; i.e., how can the production of software tools and applications contribute to career advancement in the academic research setting for both researchers who build software as part of their research and developers who build tools and support research.

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