Hiring a New Executive Director for Software Carpentry

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The Software Carpentry Foundation seeks to hire a new Executive Director to build relations with partners, oversee the development of our curriculum, be Software Carpentry's spokesperson, and work with the Steering Committee to set our future direction. The successful candidate will initially be co-Executive Director, and will job-share with the current Executive Director during a brief transition period, after which they will become the new ED.

To apply, please send email to team@carpentries.org by July 31, 2015 with "Co-Executive Director" in the subject line, and include:

  • A brief resume or CV (approximately two pages).

  • A brief statement (approximately two pages) of what you would hope to accomplish in your first year as Executive Director. Please also include a paragraph about any work you may have done with Software Carpentry in the past and another about your experience working with other volunteer organizations.

We will begin interviews immediately after July 31, and hope to have someone in place no later than the end of August.

Role and Responsibilities

The Co-Executive Director (co-ED) is a full-time employee of the Software Carpentry Foundation, and is jointly responsible for Software Carpentry's day-to-day operations. The co-ED works with the Executive Director and the Steering Committee to oversee the administration of our programs and implement our strategic plan. Key duties include fundraising, partner relations, and community outreach. The co-ED reports directly to the Steering Committee.

The co-ED is expected to become Executive Director no later than the end of December 2015, and earlier if feasible.

Professional Qualifications

Software Carpentry is committed to an educational mission that is supported by strong values of inclusion, openness, and integrity. The Co-Executive Director's track record and previous work experience should demonstrate these values. Ideal candidates for the position will have the following qualifications:

  • Transparent and high-integrity leadership with demonstrated management experience.

  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, and budgeting.

  • Experience in education (preferably in instruction in data or software related fields).

  • Strong written and oral communication skills in order to convey a vision of Software Carpentry's strategic future to staff, Steering Committee, volunteers, and partners.

  • Knowledge of grant writing and other fundraising strategies relevant to the nonprofit and academic sectors.

  • Skills and experience in volunteer organizations (e.g., organization and motivation of a volunteer group).

Detailed Responsibilities

  • Planning and operation of annual budget to provide for Steering Committee approval.

  • Establishing employment, administrative, and volunteer policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of the nonprofit.

  • Serving as Software Carpentry's spokesperson to the organization's constituents, the media, and the general public.

  • Oversee staff time contributed by partner organizations.

  • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations internationally and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance Software Carpentry's mission.

  • Report to and work closely with the Steering Committee to seek their approval of and involvement in policy decisions and fundraising, and to increase the overall visibility of the Foundation.

  • Supervise and collaborate with organization staff and volunteers.

  • Coordinate the development of Software Carpentry resources, particularly workshop materials.

  • Participate in Steering Committee and sub-committee meetings.

  • Oversee marketing and other communications efforts.

  • Review contracts or agreements and provide to the Steering Committee for approval.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Steering Committee.


The Co-Executive Director will be contracted by our parent organization, NumFocus. Their salary will be determined by the Steering Committee and will be both competitive with equivalent academic and industrial positions and commensurate with experience. There is no fixed geographic requirement for this job, but it will require some travel.

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