AMY Version 0.6

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Yesterday was the release day for AMY v0.6.. Here's what's new and what's changed in this release.

In-between releases

I was forced to add some hotfixes in v0.5.1 and v0.5.2. v0.5.1 included a fix for the name of one of our lessons (was 'dc/spreadsheet', but it should be 'dc/spreadsheets'). v0.5.2 included a fix for the round-off error that was crashing AMY. If you're more interested in the story, read this commit message.

New features

Deletion of tasks
Tasks can now be deleted from their details page.
Eventbrite link
Event details page will show link to the Eventbrite's event page instead of sole key ID.
Quick link for new airport page
Accessible from "+" dropdown menu.
Auto-fill end-date on event form
Setting a start-date for an event will set-up an end-date (+1 day) automatically (most of our workshops lasts for 2 days). The auto-fill won't happen if user put something into end-date field.
2-column layout on person-details page
First column contains awards and tasks, while the second column contains knowledge domains and lessons person can teach.
Facelifted Find Instructors page
Full-width layout, filters in sidebar, no setting of "wanted" instructors. Using GET for filters application instead of POST as previously.
Ability to add tasks for person from their edit page
Now admins can not only assign awards to specific persons from their edit page, but also tasks.
Tabs on person edit page
Because of using 3 forms and 2 listings on the person edit page, the split was necessary. The first tab contains original person edit form, the second tab contains awards and award-form, the third one contains tasks and task-form.
Facelifted bulk-upload
Another switch to full-width layout. Confirmation page for bulk-upload will now show what happens with specific entries ("will be created" or "it's already in the database" kind of thing).
Lessons sorted by default
Lessons will appear in alphabetical order in Find Instructors filter and also in "lessons" column on that same page.
Importing event from URL
Admins can pre-fill event create form with data from workshop page.
Improved "failed to delete" page
Thanks to one small discovery, a big and ugly chunk of code was replaced with almost a one-liner.


Display of tasks
Tasks now show links to events and persons.
Eventbrite event ID name change
Previously it was 'reg key', now it's clearer.
Better fields in airport form
"Airport name" instead of "Fullname", "IATA code" with link in the help text instead of "Iata".
Better list of tasks on person-details page
These tasks now contain links to related events and clearly indicate roles a person has.
Searching for "firstname lastname"
Searching for "Piotr Banaszkiewicz" now works!
Enforced uniqueness for event slugs
Having two events with the same slug resulted in a crash, so we decided to enforce uniqueness for event slugs. This not only prevents the bug from hunting us, but also prevents admins from adding events with slugs that are already in the database.
Awards will prevent events from deletion
If there are some awards that point to specific event, that event will not be deleted.

Plans for v0.7

There are two things that I want to work on for v0.7 release.

  1. I want to add develop branch and set it as the main branch for the repo.
  2. I want to fix host/site/organizer representation in the database.

The rationale for the first is that I had to make two minor releases to v0.5 when we already had features for v0.6 merged to the master. If we had only kept stable releases in the master (git-flow), I'd not have that problem.

This is a cross-post from Piotr's blog.

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