Welcome Maneesha and Katarzyna

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We are very pleased to announce that Maneesha Sane (pronounced "sah-nay") will be joining us in August as our new Program Coordinator. Having coordinated and managed public events and mentoring programs for several organizations in the Philadelphia area, Maneesha retrained as a software developer. She has been managing events and matching mentors to learners for over a decade, and we are looking forward to working with her.

We would also like to welcome Katarzyna Zaczek, who works for our Polish partner Cyfronet. Katarzyna will help to coordinate workshops in continental Europe, just as the SSI's Giacomo Peru has been handling those in the UK. Together, they will enable us to cope with the ever-increasing demand for Software Carpentry training: we have run 195 workshops at 136 institutions and gained 285 new instructors, in the past 12 months, and those numbers are only going to increase.

Unfortunately, we must also say goodbye (again) to Amy Brown, who will be stepping down in a few weeks once Maneesha is up to speed. She contributed significantly to get us to where we are now, and we are very grateful for everything she and Arliss Collins have done for us in their time with Software Carpentry.

This also marks the end of our formal relationship with the Mozilla Science Lab. In the year since Software Carpentry re-established itself as an independent organization, it has become clear that we and MSL are focused on helping scientists in different ways. We will of course continue to work alongside MSL as we do with other advocates for better and more open science, and wish them the best with their projects.

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