Weekly Update: Feb 28 - March 6, 2015

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Highlights: Do you want to help shape the future of Software Carpentry? The Software Carpentry Foundation is now calling for volunteers to serve on various standing committees.
NumFOCUS has been selected as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organisation. Students can apply between 16 and 27 March 2015.
A Contributor Covenant was added to our lessons and other repositories to promote a harassment-free environment for contribution to Software Carpentry.
Resources: An early release version of Bioinformatics Data Skills is available via O'Reilly. Vince Buffalo's book is highly recommended for both novice and experienced bioinformaticians.
Opportunities: Scientific Software Engineer positions are available at the UK Met Office
Changes: Daisie Huang will be taking over from Jess Hamrick to maintain our Git lessons with Ivan Gonzalez. Our thanks to Jess for all her help.


  • Has your involvement with Software Carpentry led to any form of career advancement? Please contact Jenny Bryan to share your experience.
  • View the experimental Paper Now project started by PeerJ to "Create, edit and display a journal article, entirely in GitHub".
  • Ruth Collings is adapting the SWC version 4 RegEx lesson to the version 5 template.
  • Leszek Tarkowski provided comprehensive feedback about their workshop in Krakow which was taugth in Polish.
  • Victor (Kwangchun) Lee summarised their challenges and victories experienced in the first Software Carpentry workshop held in Korea.
  • Last month we started a conversation about funding streams for Software Carpentry workshops. Noam Ross has now summarised that discussion and provide some valuable tips for sourcing funding.
  • "Best Practices for Scientific Computing" was the most viewed article in PLOS Biology in 2014.
  • Ten new instructors joined us last week.
  • Four workshops were added: Clemson University, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), University of British Columbia, and University of Virginia.

Repository Activity

ProjectIssuesPull Requests
shell-novice 1 2 31 9 8 4
git-novice 2 8 3 5
hg-novice 1 1
sql-novice-survey 3 3 2 1
python-novice-inflammation 1 8 5 4 7
r-novice-inflammation 1 12 7 3 9
matlab-novice-inflammation 1 1
instructor-training 1 1 1 1
amy 5 2 52 9 9 4
site 3 3 30 11 12 30
Total 10 14 146 49 44 54

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