Weekly Update: Jan 24-30, 2015

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Highlights: New steering committee selected
We have now taught ten thousand people
Conversations: Keeping momentum going after workshops
Factors and formulae in R lessons
Other News: First new instructors of 2015
Our first workshop in South Korea


  • This week was one of the most exciting weeks in the history of Software Carpentry: voting for the 2015 Steering Committee took place, and the successful candidates were announced. Congratulations to Matt Davis, Adina Howe, Katy Huff, Karin Lagesen, Aleksandra Pawlik, Raniere Silva, and Jason Williams, and our thanks to all of the other candidates for standing.
  • Minutes of the Interim Steering Committee's meeting on Dec 16, 2014, were published.
  • The deadline for applying to the Data Carpentry Genomics and Assessment Hackathon to be held in March 2015 at Cold Spring Harbor Labs has passed, but get in touch with the organising team if you have questions.
  • Many of the Steering Committee candidates mentioned that they aim to work on ways to improve support for post-workshop participation. Suggestions include the use of Slack, introducing a capstone project as part of the SWC workshop, and the possibility of adding a follow-up sprint 6-12 months after the first workshop. Please add comments to share your ideas.
  • 14 new instructors qualified in the first month of 2015.
  • Version 1.0 of Amy, our workshop management tool, is nearing completion: help with testing would be greatly appreciated.
  • Workshops were added at IUPUI, University of Washington, and Northwestern University.
  • 13 pull requests were merged into our lessons, and 4 new ones submitted.

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