iPlant Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We are very pleased to announce that the iPlant Collaborative has become an Affiliate Member of the Software Carpentry Foundation.

iPlant Collaborative

Joining with the SCF will further the iPlant Collaborative's mission to provide access to cyberinfrastructure for the broad life science community, said Nirav Merchant, Co-PI of iPlant and Director of Biocomputing at Arizona Research Laboratories at the University of Arizona. "In order to ensure efficient use of these scalable cyberinfrastructure resources, our users need the kind of training Software Carpentry provides," said Merchant. "This partnership allows iPlant to reach out to a much wider audience and it provides the synergies for developing and delivering new learning material. Through Software Carpentry's global network of volunteer instructors, iPlant can provide the background computational skills absolutely essential for effective use of national and international cyberinfrastructure."

Established by the U.S. National Science Foundation in 2008 to develop cyberinfrastructure for life sciences research and democratize access to U.S. supercomputing capabilities, iPlant is a virtual organization led by the University of Arizona, Texas Advanced Computing Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and University of North Carolina at Wilmington. For more information, please see the full announcement.

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