Translating Software Carpentry into Korean

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

This is pretty amazing: a group has translated the core Software Carpentry lessons into Korean:

  1. Introduction:
  2. The Unix Shell:
  3. Version Control with Git:
  4. Programming with Python:
  5. Programming with R:
  6. Using Databases and SQL:
  7. Extras:

It's a remarkable and encouraging achievement—congratulations and thanks to the team that did the work:

  • Victor KC Lee (이광춘): Translation Lead
  • Jungsu Han (한정수): Translator
  • Chungyeong Moon (문춘경): Illustrator
  • Ri Jeong Kim (김이정): Graphic Designer
  • Hwan Beom Kang (강환범): Support

We still need to figure out how to manage this: Gabriel Devenyi's post outlined our options, but someone will need to take the lead to set something up so that versions in various languages can stay in sync.

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