Teaching Support IT Job at UCL Physics and Astronomy

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We're looking for someone with IT skills, and interests in teaching and physics, to work with us at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL (University College London).

This is a system manager job with an emphasis on supporting our teaching, and will involve a wide range of responsibilities, including managing a Linux cluster and interfacing PCs to lab equipment as well as providing first-line support for the university Windows environment.

Other responsibilities may include maintaining and developing an IPython notebook server for teaching, and working with teaching staff to apply other innovative tools.

The application deadline is midnight on Sunday 6th July. Applicants must already have the right to work in the UK.

Duties and Responsibilities

A system manager is required to support teaching and learning in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL, and to provide some support to administrative support staff.

Programming is an important skill for any scientist, as well as for many graduates who go on to work in other fields, and the computing strand of our degree programmes is continually being reviewed and updated. Other courses, not focussed specifically on programming, are also increasingly making use of e-learning technology and some computing to carry out calculations and aid understanding of scientific concepts. These courses all rely on expert technical support to ensure that the relevant software is installed and configured correctly. We use Windows PCs extensively in our teaching labs and administrative offices, and have a Linux cluster for student use.

The postholder will provide support to staff and students, as well as maintaining Windows and Linux systems, and assisting in the use and development of teaching tools.

This post is open ended.

Key Requirements

The successful applicant will have a proven ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with people of varying levels of technical knowledge, a demonstrable interest in and knowledge of physics and education, and excellent technical skills. A deep knowledge of either Linux or Windows is required, along with some experience of the other operating system and the willingness to learn more.

Applicants should have knowledge and experience of some of the relevant technologies and tools. These include scientific software, programming, e-learning systems, networking, and deployment and configuration of computing hardware and services.

Further Details

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