Summarizing Our Instructors' Skills

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We've been asking bootcamp participants to tell us about themselves for a while now, so it seems only fair to share some information about our instructors. First, of the 82 instructors who responded to our survey two weeks ago, how many are comfortable teaching which topic to novices, to intermediates, or not at all?

Not At AllNovicesIntermediates
...Data Visualization183727
...Data Visualization541315
Unix Shell12358
Regular Expressions163729

Thanks to Jenny Bryan, we have a ranked visualization of those responses:

Instructor Skills

Second, who feels comfortable setting up on which platforms? (The responses don't sum to 82 because many people selected several options.)

Mac OS X61
Desktop VMs33
Cloud VMs21

And finally, where are people from?

North America60
Australia/New Zealand6
Sub-Saharan Africa1
East Asia1
South America1

We have information about instructors' research areas as well, but it's hard to categorize. Once we've recovered from running our biggest events ever, we'll dig into it a little more and share what we find; until then, you can download the raw data and tell us what correlations you can find.

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