SSI Collaborations Workshop and Hackday

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The Software Sustainability Institute is running the annual Collaborations Workshop (CW14) on 26-28 March in Oxford. The event brings together researchers, software developers, managers and funders to explore important ideas in software and research and to plant the seed of interdisciplinary collaborations. The theme this year is "Software in your reproducible research" and we also have a hackday!

To register for CW14 or the CW Hackday, visit the registration page.

There are lots of reasons why you should attend:

  • GitHub and Microsoft Research will be on hand with the latest advice on using repositories, the cloud and open-source collaborative tooling for your research software.
  • There will be prizes! The top team of the hackday win tablets! And there is more for the runner-ups.
  • A good tranche of the Institute's Fellows will be attending. Not only are they leaders in their fields, they also have a particular interest in research software and its promotion in their domains. Even if you are not from the same domain, the Fellows have learnt some valuable lessons about using software in research.
  • You will get a chance to hear lightning talks about a huge range of fascinating subjects, and perhaps you could promote your own work, highlight a particular bugbear or make a pitch for the hackday.
  • We will also be having the conference dinner in the historic - and rather fancy - hall at St John's college.
  • The Software Sustainability Institute team will be on hand, so if you are interested in running a Software Carpentry bootcamp or want to learn how to make better software for better research, come along!
  • The hackathon will have a pizza evening where you can pitch ideas, form or join a team, and get underway with potentially 24 hours of coding... and the chance of winning prizes.
  • You will be interacting with funders, researchers, developers,a publishers, managers and administrators; the whole spectrum of people dealing with software in research. You will gain an understanding of how people are working effectively together and come home with an up to date understanding of how people are approaching software to support reproducible research.

So learn from other people, promote what you do, come up with ideas and maybe win prizes, but most of all have an enjoyable and informed time. We hope to see you at CW14!

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