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This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

People volunteer to teach Software Carpentry bootcamps for many reasons. We're always grateful that they do, and would like them to get all the credit they deserve. Here are some of the ways instructors currently mention us in their CVs:

  • A bullet point under "Teaching" saying, "Software Carpentry", then listing the specific bootcamps.
  • A bullet point under "Teaching" for each bootcamp saying, "Workshop Co-Leader, Software Carpentry, [site]. Two day workshop introducing scientists to the programming skills they need to conduct their research."
  • A line item under "Teaching" saying, "I am a member of the Software Carpentry Advisory Board, create material for the program, and organize and teach at workshops."
  • A subsection under "Volunteering" that says:
    Software Carpentry Instructor Developer, February 2012 – present
    • Teach Python, shell, Git, and software engineering skills to scientists and engineers at bootcamps and in online sessions.
    • Develop new instructional content.
    • Layout and design of website.
    • Mentoring and administration for Software Carpentry GitHub repositories.

All of these look good to us, and we're always happy to write letters of reference for people who've helped us by teaching, coding, or writing lesson materials—please email us if we can help.

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